How stem cell treatment is done?

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How stem cell treatment is done - Dr Suman Nag

What is Stem Cell Treatment?

Stem cells are produced naturally in the human body and have the ability to become any cell that the body requires when in need. This can become RBCs, WBCs or blood platelets as per the body demands.

Stem cell is used to replace damaged cells of a patient’s body. It regenerates damaged tissues, cures inflammation & regulates immune system. It bears an elementary property which aims for inflammation in the body. Stem cells are drawn out from adipose tissue, umbilical cord tissue, umbilical cord blood, placental tissue, or bone marrow. It follows self-healing technique for the body and hence it can be considered as a form of regenerative medicine. It allows the body to heal on its own.

Stem cell is highly beneficial for diseases that involve autoimmune disorders. It is also useful in many other orthopedic conditions, and traumatic injuries. Some disorders that arise from wear and tear of bone, cartilage, muscle, fat or any other tissue, cell or organ. This holds variety of reasons but the major reason is aging.

Stem cell therapy is initiated with chemotherapy or radiation therapy to damage the bone marrow. The stem then replaces the damaged bone marrow with healthy stem cells. The blood and immune cells are done in order to regulate the healthy version of immune system.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy

Benefits of stem cell therapy are numerous. It is a natural, minimally invasive, highly effective, and can be used as a parallel option with surgery. It can also be used with combination of PRP therapy.

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